Machine Shop

WMT&R machines all test specimens onsite

WMT&R Maintains it's own Full Service Machine Shop.

WMT&R machines all test specimens onsite, thereby eliminating the delay of out-sourcing. Our reputation for quality machining and superior turnaround times brings us production work from other laboratories and mills. With our advanced in-house capabilities, and substantial engineering experience, we are known as specialists in low stress grinding and machining subsize specimens to very close tolerances.

In addition to machining standard specimens, WMT&R has the proven ability and resources, on-site, to custom design and machine fixturing for testing finished parts, odd shapes, and difficult/exotic materials. We are constantly seeking out new machining technologies and methods to make our service to you better, quicker, and more cost-effective. It is to your advantage that we have this full range of complete capabilities fully integrated into one company, on one site.

ON TIME DELIVERY is our commitment to all customers.

With a state-of-the-art in-house machine shop, augmented by other supportive departments, WMT&R offers a definitive competitive advantage to our customers. In addition, our fully integrated laboratories enable WMT&R to continue providing the same quality and service that is a hallmark of our material testing.

Common Fracture Sizes and Rough Cut Sizes

Here is a list of some of the cut-up and finish sizes for common fracture specimen for including da/dN and R-Curves. Rough cut sizes for materials prepared in WMT&R’s manufacturing technologies division. Including round, flat ant impact specimen sizes.


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