Fracture Mechanics

World-renowned reputation for dependable Fracture Toughness Testing

The most popular test performed in the Fracture Lab is the KIC Test per ASTM E399. Disc Shape, Arc Tension, Single Edge Bend and Compact Tension are all covered under the ASTM E399 specification. Our lab has the capability to handle specimens of many sizes. For example, the Compact Tension Test can be performed on samples ranging from .00635 up to .10795m thick for most applications.

Fracture Toughness tests can be performed at various load capacities and temperatures.
Our servo machines can cover up to a 1,000kN load. WMT&R can also perform tests at temperatures ranging from Liquid Helium to cover 1315°C in both controlled and simulated atmospheres.

Additional Fracture Mechanics Testing Services:

  • KIC
  • Chevron Notch
  • Short Rod
  • Short Bar
  • R-Curve Determinations
  • Drop-Weight Tear Tests
  • Nil Ductility Transition Temperature
  • JIC
  • CTOD
  • Dynamic Tear Testing
  • Notched Bar Impact (Charpy and Izod) 


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