Fatigue Testing

Temperature Ranges from Cryogenic to 1315°C

Customizable Fatigue Testing Capabilities.

A fatigue test analyzes the behavior of materials while under stress of variable loads. Typically, two loads apply to a material – a specified mass load (i.e., zero) and an alternating load. These loads cycle and measure until the material fails. This failure of a material under fatigue is called fatigue life.

Fatigue degradation (fatigue life) is not limited to metals, and most engineering materials (ceramics, composites, aggregates, etc.) are susceptible to fatigue damage. The strength of materials is a measure of its ability to resist deformation, such as being stretched, bent, etc.

  • High-Cycle Fatigue (HCF)
  • Low-Cycle Fatigue (LCF)
  • Fastener Testing
  • Fracture Toughness (KIC)
  • Axial Fatigue
    • Displacement Controlled
    • Strain Controlled
    • Load Controlled
  • Rotating Beam Fatigue
  • Three Point Bend Fatigue
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