At Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research we strive for continual improvement in our materials, mechanical, analytical, and technical capabilities to provide our customers with the best analytical solutions possible. Because of our philosophy of excellence, we continually seek opportunities to expand our working partnerships to improve our operational capacity, industry knowledge, and intellectual footprint as part of our ongoing strategy to become the most trusted resource in testing and research.

The Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA)

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The Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) was set up in 2003 and now has more than 300 members.
The MAA board includes senior managers from Meggitt, Moog Aircraft Group, Rolls-Royce and UTC Aerospace Systems as well as elected supply chain representatives, key regional partner bodies and appointed experts. The chairman since 2008 has been Clive Snowdon, currently Aerospace Industrial Advisor at Cooper Parry Corporate Finance.

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WMT&R is proud to be a member of the Aluminium Federation

The Aluminium Federation is the trade association that represents the interests of the UK aluminium industry. Working closely with European Aluminium and the International Aluminium Institute, the Aluminium Federation acts as the point of contact between the aluminium industry and its many stakeholders.

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