About WMT&R


WMT&R established the UK subsidiary in Banbury, Oxfordshire in April 2003 as part of its expansion programme.

Equipment is housed in a 50,000 sq. ft. building, with Tensile, Fatigue, Metallography, Bonding, Corrosion, and Heat Treatment laboratories. An additional machining centre provides customers with material cut up and test specimen manufacturing.

The Banbury facility employs experienced professionals and can provide a range of mechanical testing services. Also offered are specialties in Thin Sheet Fatigue, Foil Tensile, (Tensile including 'r' 'n' and 'k' value measurement). Other capabilities are Metallography and Corrosion testing. The Tensile and Fatigue laboratories are fully air-conditioned and serviced by state of the art equipment, primarily Instron, ranging in capabilities from loads of 1N to 1kN.

The prime central location in the UK is seen to be a positive advantage in serving 'local' automotive, motor sport, and aerospace sectors, as well as, the rest of Europe and indeed the world as the need arises.

The fundamental principles of high quality work ethic and fast turnaround of the parent company are observed and implemented as a matter of routine.

Testing Services

Tensile and Compression services include; Wire and Foil testing, Tension Testing, including 'r' Plastic Strain Ratio and 'n' Strain Hardening Exponent measurements.

WMT&R's Fracture Toughness Department has established a world-renowned reputation for dependable Fracture Toughness testing. Our new state-of-the-art Fracture Lab is designed for the high volume quick turnaround projects demanded by the aerospace, power generation, nuclear, and automotive industries.

Fatigue testing capabilities also include the testing of Metal Sheet and samples machined from other product forms including composites. Other than standard High and Low Cycle Fatigue testing WMT&R is also proficient in Joint testing (welding, adhesively bonded and mechanically fastened) at both ambient and elevated temperature.


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