Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Ltd. is a recognized world leader in serving materials testing needs for the aerospace industry. WMT&R maintains Nadcap certification and ISO 17025 accreditation along with individual company approvals such as: Boeing, Bell Aircraft, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, and many others.

Major programs include:

Boeing 787
Airbus A380
F-22 Raptor
F-35 Lightening II
Various NASA Projects



Within WMT&R's normal range of customers there tends to be many more specialized companies lining up for testing. Within our automotive customers there are many local formula one manufacturers and other prestige car manufacturers adding to the list. WMT&R's clientele is showing a regular pattern of high standard customers needing high standard testing. With regular audits proving consistently outstanding results, customers are always feeling confident in the integrity of the results. With a huge range of available testing to provide confidence in material, components, or even for failure analysis after a problem has occurred, WMT&R can cater to many various automotive testing needs.



WMT&R has been involved in both the commercial and government testing for nuclear equipment. Our extensive testing and reliable results have provided high standards for our customers. Our rigorous testing of public and private industry nuclear power generation provides our customers confidence in their products. WMT&R can tailor testing services to many nuclear applications



WMT&R has provided crucial testing for the medical industry. We provide extensive and critical results for testing materials and components for medical applications. Providing these results allows customers to have assurance for such significant testing.

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