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As composites become prevalent in manufacturing applications, Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc. (WMT&R) is investing in the resources needed to be a world leader in composites testing.  Despite the physical complexity of composites, WMT&R has the experience and capabilities to test the physical properties of these materials.  Through physical properties testing, WMT&R is able to provide more comprehensive testing results to its customer

The following list is a sample of the standardized physical properties tests that WMT&R performs on composite materials. Email or call WMT&R to discuss your specific testing needs:


    Physical Properties

    ASTM D2240 Rubber Property—Durometer Hardness
    ASTM D2583 Indentation Hardness of Rigid Plastics by Means of a Barcol Impressor
    ASTM D792 Density and Specific Gravity (relative density) of Plastics by Displacement
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. A) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (nitric acid digestion)
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. B) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (sulfuric acid)
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. C) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (ethylene glycol/potassium hydroxide)
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. D) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (sodium hydroxide)
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. E) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (hydrochloric acid)
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. F) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (nitric acid/microwave oven)
    ASTM D3171 (Proced. G) Constituent Content of Composite Materials (burn off)
    ASTM D3529  Matrix Solids Content and Matrix Content of Composite Prepreg (solvent wash)
    ASTM D3530 Volatiles Content of Composite Material Prepreg
    ASTM D570 Water Absorption of Plastics
    ASTM D3532  Gel Time of Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Prepreg
    ASTM D3531 Resin Flow of Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Prepreg
    EN 2557 Fiber Areal Weight
    EN 2557 Prepreg Areal/Adhesive Film Weight
    ASTM D471 Rubber Property—Effect of Liquids
    ASTM D1364 Moisture Content
    ASTM D4060-14 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser
    ASTM D1894-14 Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting
    ASTM G151-10 Standard Practice for Exposing Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Devices that Use Laboratory Light Sources


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